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Jackson Implant Overdentures & Overpartials

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Implant Overdentures & Overpartials

Stabilized Dentures That Feel Natural

Implant overdentures and overpartials are removable dental prosthesis that can be placed over dental implants. Typically, traditional dentures are held in place with friction and dental adhesive, but overdentures and overpartials are stabilized by implants, making them feel even more comfortable and natural.

Denture implant construction

Benefits of Implant Overdentures & Overpartials

Though these prosthesis are removable, they are attached to dental implants that offer more stability. This means that your overdentures will not shift or slip as much as traditional dentures, and they will feel more natural when chewing and speaking. Treatment with implant overdentures and overpartials gives patients with missing teeth comfort, security, and confidence.

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How it Works

The overdenture and overpartial treatment process will begin with implant surgery. During this procedure, a surgical colleague of Dr. Milner will insert one or more implants into your jaw bone and gum tissue. Once the sites heal, the implant will act as an artificial tooth root. As your gums heal, Dr. Milner will craft your natural-looking overdenture or overpartial. These dental prosthesis are made to fit perfectly onto your implants and when worn, they look and feel natural. When your treatment is complete, you’ll leave Mississippi Prosthetic Dentistry with a fresh, confident smile.

partial dentures

Cleaning & Maintenance

It’s important for patients with overdentures or overpartials to maintain proper oral hygiene and keep their gums healthy to avoid further damage to your dental health or issues with your implants. To keep your mouth healthy and your dentures clean, remove your overdentures or overpartials at night and clean around all the implants in your mouth. Be sure to schedule regular checkups and hygiene appointments with your general dentist to ensure that your gums remain healthy.

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My goal is to be a dependable resource for my referring colleagues and to provide life-changing prosthetic dentistry for patients in Mississippi.
- Dr. Milner